Red Aventurine Pendant Necklace with Copper Fleur de Lis

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A teardrop Red Aventurine stone is wrapped with antiqued copper wire, and adorned with a filigree Fleur de lis charm to create this lovely pendant.

Great for layering with multiple necklaces.

Hung on an antiqued copper ball chain.

Red Aventurine Healing Properties...

~Allows us to see all situations as possibilities.
~Provides a more positively aspected outlook.
~Enhances mental clarity.
~Provides a level of calmness when dealing with anxiety.
~Offers peace for those dealing with disturbances of spirit.
~Enhances positivity in all situations, thus may draw a positive outcome.
~Is believed to draw good fortune.
~Counters EMF emissions.
~Allows one to embrace the positive side of change.
~Promotes healthy passion between lovers.
~Heightens courage.
~Encourages one to release fear.
~Bolsters physical strength and energy.
~Enhances the free flow of life force energies.
~Guides one away from a habit of looking at their glass as half empty.
~Heightens self esteem and confidence.
~Guides one towards make healthier life choices.
~Promotes healing within temper/rage issues.
~Benefits the root, sacral, and/or solar plexus chakras (as is appropriate to its specific hue).
~Encourages a solution seeking mentality.
~Is grounding.
~Protects from negativity.