Blue & White Porcelain Owl Earrings *As Seen in Bird Talk Magazine*

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I LOVE these Owls! I adore owls and I cannot resist blue and white porcelain!!! These little cuties are wrapped on an aged brass head pin with aged brass and Czech glass beads. They are hung on aged brass ear wires. From the bottom of the blue & white porcelain owls are bronze, faceted metallic Iris glass beads.

2 inches long measured from the top of the ear wire.

A Little Tidbit...
Owls have been connected with mythology and mystical symbolism since the earliest of civilizations. The owl has been used to represent many different things both good and bad.
It is the symbol for the "m" sound in Egyptian hieroglyphics and is often drawn with a broken leg to keep the bird of prey from coming to life.
In Greek mythology the owl is connected with the goddess Athena and is used to symbolize WISDOM.
The Pawnees view the owl as a symbol of PROTECTION.

....Basically, when you wear these earrings they will protect you and make you more intelligent. Alright, that might be a stretch, but, they will make your ears look GREAT!

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